• Innovative design insures reliable motor starting even at low air pressure
  • Low vibration levels
  • Do not overheat in difficult, heavy duty conditions, repetitive start/stops or repetitive reversing
  • MM, MN, MO air motor models are equipped with a silencing system that reduces the noise levels
  • Highly effective due to compact size, high power output and low air consumption
  • Designed using materials and processes that minimize the effects on the environment
  • Customized models are available upon request
  • Drive shaft diameter: all drive shafts include a UNI 6604 Form A key slot
    • Ø 6mm for 15M
    • Ø 10mm for 20M and 28M
    • Ø 13 mm for MM
    • Ø 14mm for MN
    • Ø 24mm for MO


Unit of Measure


Model No.

N/A MM32


N/A No


N/A 260 Watt0.35 hp

Speed at Max. Power

N/A 150 rpm

Torque at Max. Power

N/A 144.26 lbf·in16.3 N.m

Static Torque

N/A 288.51 lbf·in32.6 N.m

No Load Speed

N/A 300 rpm

Air Consumption at Max. Power

N/A 14.8 cfm


N/A 2.64 lb1.2 kg
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