• Gedore Converter Adaptor
  • Gedore IB Type Hexagon Key Bits
  • Gedore Socket Blanks

    Socket Blanks for manufacturing special extensions for use with square drive tools.

  • Extension Spanner Details

    Special extension spanners can be manufactured when design or space limitations preclude the use of a dial measuring wrench and a standard nut socket. These allow access and enable you to apply torque in awkward spaces. 

    To order a special extension spanner, the following information must be supplie. For assistance, please contact ASG at 216-486-6163 or asginfo@asg-jergens.com

    • Square drive size (A)
    • A/F size of spanner end (B)
    • End type - ring, open, flared (C)
    • Centered distance between the square drive and the spanner end fitting (E)
    • Maximum torque to be applied(T)
    • Fully dimensional drawing

    Special extension spanners are not recommended for ADS 4 or ADS 8.

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