• AS Torque Testers
  • Screw Presenters & Accessories
  • Tape & Label Dispensers

    Tape and label dispensers are designed to increase productivity in the work place. Tape dispensers feature a variety of options including adjustable tape lengths, different dispensing modes and speeds, backing removal capabilities, and edge folding features. Label dispensers increase productivity by automatically dispensing labels while removing and discarding backing material.

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  • SA22015

    ASG carries tool positioners and balancers including both tapered drum and spring balancers. Tool balancers and positioners are designed to offer ergonomic benefits to the operator as the tool becomes weightless when in use.

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  • Torque Arms & Tool Support Stands

    ASG offers a standard line of torque arm and tool support stands include articulating and linear torque arms, adjustable and non-adjustable tool support stands, as well as swing and fixed boom arms. Tool support stands and torque arms offer ergonomic benefits to the operator.

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  • General Screwdriver Accessories
  • Bits & Sockets
  • Fiam Nut Presenter

    The FIAM nut presenter was designed to increase efficiency when working with hard-to-handle nuts. The presenter provides a continuous supply of nuts which can be picked up directly using a customized socket. It comes equipped with a high capacity vibrating bowl and the feed speed can be easily adjusted through a built in electronic unit. 

    • Provides continuous supply of nuts
    • Nuts can be picked up directly with special socket
    • Highly reliable, long life, and easy to use
    • For hexagonal nuts from 5.5 to 13 mm across the series
    • High capacity vibrating loader unit with transparent sound dampening cover
    • Pneumatic cylinder pushes the nut upwards into the socket
    • Can be used with straight air or electric nutrunners or screwdrivers with lever start
    • Contact ASG when ordering for sepcial socket
    Cancer or Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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