Gedore Torque DVV/DVI series of torque multipliers enables existing torque wrenches to deliver a much wider range of torque output, accurately and consistently. With a DVV/DVI torque multiplier, a single torque tool can be used for a greater number of applications. For the user, this means greater flexibility, fewer tools to carry around, and enhanced capabilities from smaller and lighter tools. For your company, this means increased efficiency and reduced inventory costs.

  • For use with a torque wrench
  • Mechanical hand torque multiplier for controlled screw tightening and loosening screw connections
  • Planet gear
  • High performance aluminum housing
  • Output square with drill hole for impact sockets with safety pin and ring
  • DVI-L models: L form straight reaction arm with adjustable reaction square, of lightweight metal

Cancer or Reproductive Harm -
Unit of Measure


Model No.


Max. Input Torque

N/A 580 N.m N.m430 lbf.ft lbf·ft

Output Torque Range

N/A 100-2000 N.m N.m70-1500 lbf.ft lbf·ft

Multiplication Ratio

N/A 1:4

Input Drive Type

N/A 3/4" Female Square

Output Drive Type

N/A 1" Male Square


N/A ø88 mmø3.5 in


N/A 131 mm5.2 in

C min

N/A 73 mm2.9 in

C max

N/A 152 mm6.0 in

D min

N/A — mm— in

D max

N/A — mm— in


N/A 6.6 lb3.0 kg


N/A ±3%


N/A 2 year limited warranty
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