Fastening slides are important components equipped with an air nutrunner motor, screw head, bit and bit holder; suitable for being used in semi-automatic or automatic industrial tightening solutions.

These linear actuators are designed entirely by Fiam and are manufactured with high quality materials. This guarantees very high reliability and resistance over time. This is true in high production rates as well.

They are available with 3 different versions:

  • Single-stroke fastening slide
  • Dual-stroke fastening slide: the first stroke brings the screw holding jaws close to the work piece, the second is used to run the screw.
  • With anti-overturning device: used to handle screws having a ratio total length/head diameter close to 1. This device allows the "movement of the head" avoiding incorrect screw positions during tightening and prevents screws from getting stuck with consequent production stop.

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